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10 Lake Hartwell Fishing Guides [Why and How to Hire One]

Lake Hartwell fishing guides provide everything from the boat to the bait. They not only provide all your equipment, but they each have their own special fishing holes and can take you to the best places to catch your fish.

For some people, fishing is a relaxing, casual sport. Many look forward to the serenity and calm and hopefully a bite or two on their line if they are lucky. For others, however, fishing is akin to a competitive sport.

Finding Lake Hartwell Fishing Guides

If you are serious about your fishing time with Lake Hartwell, or if you are a beginner who is unsure how to fish but would like help, a fishing guide may be just what you need.

There are many species of fish to catch in Hartwell Lake, and one of the most popular is the striped bass. Striper fishing guides can make sure you go to all the hot spots and have plenty of stripers to show off to your friends.

Fishing guide helping coach a young man catching a fish

Benefits of Hiring a Fishing Guide

Even one day with a guide can vastly improve your chances of catching a fish because they are local to the area, and spend a lot more time fishing than most people. This means they know where the fish are most likely to start biting, which increases your chance of getting a catch.

Lake Hartwell fishing guides usually have their own fishing gear for you to use. This allows you to try out all kinds of expensive gear before you commit to buying your own.

And it’s especially helpful if you are on vacation and don’t plan on fishing regularly once you are home. Additionally, charter boat fishing means that you will not have to go through the trouble of renting or operating a boat when you want to fish.

**Don’t forget: you still need to have your own fishing license. Learn more.

Guys' fishing weekend with a fishing guide in Lake Hartwell posing with fish.

Safety is always important on the waters. Even Lake Hartwell has its share of snakes and other water critters you may not want to run into. Your fishing guide will know where potentially dangerous parts of the lake are and steer clear.

Lastly, a guide can help you learn new techniques and catch specific fish with their knowledge of bait and tackle. This can be beneficial for beginners and advanced fishermen alike.

Fishing Guides on Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell certainly has no shortage of fishing guides and fishing charter boats. Here is a sampling of guides to review and choose from.

Men fishing on a boat with a fishing guide
  1. Lake Hartwell Fishing Charters. This fishing guide on Lake Hartwell is owned and operated by a fulltime guide who exclusively fishes on Lake Hartwell. He has been in the charter business since 1994. On average, each boat catches about 25 fish during the expedition.

  2. Bucktail Guide Service. Bucktail, a local fishing charter at Lake Hartwell, is operated by a guide who lives 50 yards away from the lake and fishes year round. He prefers artificial bait and fly fishing, but is flexible if you want to try something different.

  3. Fishski Business. If you aren’t drawn in by the clever name alone, your guided trip is manned by a professional fisher and a USGG captain for over 12 years.

  4. Up Close Outfitters. Specializing in Lake Hartwell striper fishing, these guides promise a fast-paced trip and loads of bass!

  5. Shadslinger. This Lake Hartwell striper guide’s main goal is to make sure you have a great fishing experience, full of conversation, relaxation, and the thrill of plenty of fish in the cooler at the end of the trip.

  6. Southern Obsession. A Lake Hartwell native, Zeke is serious about fishing and having a good time doing it.

  7. Southern Comfort Striper Guide. With 25 years of fishing experience on Lake Hartwell, Jerry can take you to all the best spots for catching striped bass.

  8. Rick’s Guide ServiceIf you’re looking for someone to not only show you where to catch stripers but also teach you the ropes about bass fishing on Lake Hartwell, this is your guy. Rick guarantees fish, not just a boat ride!

  9. Buster Green. Like many other guides, Buster offers trips 7 days a week and year round. He’s been a full-time guide for over 30 years, so he really knows his way around the lake.

  10. Ultimate Fishing and Outdoors. Great for family trips and excellent with kids, UFO offers state of the art fishing equipment and an all around great experience.

What Should I Look for in a Fishing Guide?

Referrals and reviews. In this day and age, online peer reviews can speak volumes about the experience a fishing guide will provide. If you have personal references and referrals from a friend, however, these can be almost more important.

Personality. You will also want to find someone that has a personality type that suits you. Some people want to shoot the breeze while in the boat while others prefer silence. The personality of your fishing guide can make or break your Lake Hartwell experience.

Family fishing trip with a fishing guide

Pricing. Lower prices can mean lower quality experience, especially for businesses just starting out. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it just means you get what you pay for.

Age doesn’t matter. Age is not the sole difference between a good and a bad guide. A young guide can be very good and efficient, while an older guide may not be. Just make sure to ask questions up front so the guide knows what your expectations for their service are.

There is no better spot in the southeast United States for fishing than Lake Hartwell. Hiring a fishing guide service gives you the freedom to focus on fishing, fun, and making memories with your friends and family.

Have you used a fishing guide on Lake Hartwell?

Share your experience in the comments below!

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