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7 Incredibly Romantic Mountain Getaways in Georgia

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

If you are looking at romantic mountain getaways in Georgia, you are in luck! I have compiled a list of all the best weekend getaways in North Georgia, and you will feel the love just looking at them.

Whether you are a new couple and are looking for a getaway, a seasoned couple celebrating a milestone or even going on a quick honeymoon these spots are for you. Even if you are just dreaming of a weekend without the kiddos pulling on your shirt, you will love these romantic destinations!No matter what your reason for taking a getaway, any of these delightful North Georgia mountain locations are ideal for enhancing your romantic connection and enjoying time together.

Couple planning the details of a romantic getaway in north Georgia

Romantic Mountain Getaways In North Georgia

If you haven’t been to north Georgia before, you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s lovely! There are so many amazing options to choose from when it comes to the best romantic weekend getaways in the area—it’s hard to go wrong.

What to Do in North Georgia

There are plenty of opportunities for those who love adventure to spend time out on a lake such as Lake Hartwell where you can boat, hike, and explore. For those who prefer rest and relaxation, these spots are perfect for lounging. The Lake Hartwell area is filled with self-care spots such as places to get manicures and massages. Plus, fall foliage tours, historic sightseeing, shopping, wine tastings, and fine dining are all great options for your romantic getaway too. The best part is that you don’t have to spend tons of money either! There are a variety of inexpensive weekend getaways that are totally budget friendly. Here are some of my favorites.

The Best Places To Stay For A Romantic Weekend Getaway In Georgia

Lake Rabun Hotel in NE Georgia

Book a charming, cozy, and romantic getaway at Lake Rabun Hotel

Whether you just went to spend the weekend relaxing indoors for some romance or want to go out and see the views, this is the perfect spot. Breathing the fresh mountain air, hiking, going to vineyards, or hitting the spa will make your weekend equal parts thrilling and relaxing.

A popular spot for romantic events like weddings and anniversary parties, there is no shortage of things to do or see at this destination. It’s quiet, secluded location makes it perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Romantic bedroom in the trees.

Sleep with nature in these unique pods.

This mountain getaway is beautiful and utterly romantic. The view is stunning, and you will enjoy generous amenities such as a cozy place to cook some s’mores and relax.

The large windows allow you to feel like you are sleeping outdoors. You will get to enjoy privacy, romance, and gorgeous trees while you are there—without worrying about mosquitos, which is a definite win.

Romantic getaway with hottub on deck overlooking stunning mountain views

Make romantic memories in a Georgia mountain cabin.

There are over 50 different options for cabins at this breathtaking romantic mountain retreat. Many of the cabins have large corner jetted tubs or hot tubs that you can view the mountains in while sipping on a glass of wine. This place just screams romance, and you can’t help but feel relaxed as soon as you step foot inside. You should add this one to your weekend getaways for couples because it’s fabulous.

Romantic setting at Callaway Gardens Resort

Take in the stunning gardens, go zip-lining, or enjoy some fine dining at this wonderful resort. Everything you could want or need can easily be found here, including a romantic and quiet experience. Don’t forget to go for a dip in the water and check out the butterfly garden while you are visiting. This spot is full of charm and romance.

Guest room at Glen Ella Springs Inn

Sweet dreams await you at Glenn Ella Springs Inn

Be prepared to not only fall in love with your partner but also these amazing views. Mountains fill the sky as far as the eye can see, as you tread on plush green grass, and feel the freshest mountain breeze. If your idea of a romantic mountain getaway in Georgia includes adventure, you won’t be disappointed by the waterfalls, wineries, and horseback riding at Glen Ella Springs. Romance will be in the air, and every moment will be filled with the charming sights and sounds of this location.

Romantic setting at Lucille's Mountain Top Inn

Enjoy romantic evenings by the fire pit.

Grab a glass of wine and your favorite person and relax the weekend away at Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa! While you can sit back and enjoy the stunning mountains, you can also go on many adventures too. There are shops, wineries, museums, and most of all, delightful scenic views. Once you step foot on this land, you are never going to want to leave because it’s that pretty.

Romantic room at Chanticleer Inn.

Spend quiet time with your honey next to the fire.

You won’t be missing home at all when you visit this beautiful bed and breakfast! They even have romantic packages you can purchase for your stay so you can fill up on champagne, truffles, and breathtaking beauty. You will love the hiking above the clouds package too. I don’t think there is a more gorgeous view than this stunning place. Pack your bags and hit the road for one of the most romantic weekend getaways you could imagine.

Which of these incredible Georgia mountain getaways will you book first?

Don’t forget to mention we sent you their way! 🙂 

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