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Buying A Family Fishing Boat – How To Make Everyone Happy

Updated: May 31, 2022

When it comes to buying a boat, often times a woman and a man will have very different ideas. The husband wants a fishing boat, the wife wants something that can fit the family. The man is shopping for power and speed. The woman is shopping for comfort and leisure.

It can be hard to imagine a compromise that truly satisfies both parties. So I met up with Casey from Clemson Marina Boat Sales to talk about ways to make both husband and wife happy when boat shopping.

family fishing boat options

It’s all about compromise

Ask some men, and there’s no compromise when it comes to a fishing boat. They’re not wrong. If tournament style bass fishing is your goal, then there’s nothing that can take the place of a bass boat.

But a lot of couples need a family friendly fishing boat that has power and speed but is comfortable enough for lounging and exploring the lake. The good news is the guys at Clemson Marina have a lot of experience guiding couples through their boat shopping experience.

In fact, about 90% of their customers are couples who are looking for a combination boat that allows them to take advantage of all the water activities Lake Hartwell has to offer.

Clemson Marina was nice enough to show me a few boats that will fit the bill, so let’s go over a couple of family fishing boat options.

A fishing boat you can play in

If fishing is the main activity your family will be engaged in, then you will like the functionality of a fish and ski boat. A fish and ski boat will appeal to serious fishermen who don’t have the budget for 2 boats.

The forward fishing deck with removable seat and trolling motor offers plenty of space to cast a line, but it can also be used as a sunning deck when the family is aboard.

fish n ski boat from the front

Plenty of space on the front deck for fishing or sunning.

With a powerful outboard motor, this boat can really move across the water which is great for getting to and from your favorite fishing holes as well as lifting your kids up on their skis.

At Clemson Marina, all their boats are fitted with fish finders and navigation, but you can always upgrade the fishing gear and customize the features to your liking.

fish n ski boat at clemson marina

Take the whole family out fishing on this fish and ski boat by Triton.

If you’re looking to attract attention, the sleek style of a fish and ski far surpasses the basic bass boat. Colorful lighting and stereo features take this style of boat from fishing to party mode.

With adjustable seating for up to 6 people, your family will certainly have a blast reeling in the stripers, tubing in the wake, and spending beautiful summer days on the emerald waters of Lake Hartwell.

A leisure boat you can fish in

One of the biggest downsides to fishing boats is their limited capacity for passengers. If fitting a crowd is your priority, you can’t do better than a tritoon. A tritoon boat is visually similar to a pontoon with the main difference being the third toon underneath.

Over the years, the pontoon has gotten a reputation for being slow, clunky, and unsophisticated. But the tritoon of 2020 is a sleek and powerful boat that any man or woman can be proud of.

Tritoon with rear deck fishing set up

Comfortable fishing from the rear deck of this Veranda tritoon at Clemson Marina.

With a tritoon, you can have a significantly larger motor. Crank that baby up and you can be flying through the big water upwards of 40 mph. Not quite as fast as a bass boat, but nothing to scoff at either.

Atop those three toons, a 20-25 foot deck can be outfitted with a number of layout options including bench seating, captains chairs, and fishing seats depending on your preferences and priorities.

Removable seats and pole racks on the rear deck of a tritoon.

Top of the line features include upgraded navigation, speakers, lighting, and of course, you can outfit your tritoon with any and all of your favorite fishing accessories.

Best of all, the tritoon is great for touring the mass that is Lake Hartwell. With over 50,000 acres of water, a tritoon will not only get you from place to place but can easily be beached to explore the many islands on the lake.

Buying a family fishing boat

When it comes to buying a family boat, you and your family will have to lay out all your priorities and decide which things you can compromise on and which you can not.

If you’re struggling to come to a friendly solution, give the sales center at Clemson Marina a call. They’re more than happy to educate buyers because they understand that a new boat is a big investment.

Casey says no matter how fast your boat goes, he wants to make sure that you get the most smiles per hour. And any family man will agree, that’s what it’s all about.

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