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Find Boat Rentals on Lake Hartwell, GA & SC

If you are heading to Lake Hartwell, there are few activities as fun and relaxing as a day boating out on the lake. Thankfully, you don’t need to own a boat of your own to enjoy a day out in the water—boat rentals are available in South Carolina near (or even on) the water.

Whether you want to jet ski, fish or just feel the breeze of open waters, Lake Hartwell, SC has plenty of options. Be sure to check boat rentals in Georgia, too.

C&E Marine This family-owned pontoon rental and jetski rental shop works very hard to keep their high customer service ratings coming in. Their service is excellent, second to none; prices are extremely competitive and they also offer a wide selection of water toys and lake accessories to rent or buy!

Click HERE to check out the lake rentals including boats and wave runners.

The Best Places to Rent a Boat at Lake Hartwell, South Carolina

There are dozens of boat rentals on Lake Hartwell, but the following companies are our pick for the best boat rental in the area. Each company has different rental schedules and equipment for rent, so take a look and see which meets your criteria.

Where to rent a boat at Lake Hartwell, SC - perfect for a date out on the water.

Clemson Marina

This boat rental business offers boat rentals Thursday through Mondays. You can browse their extensive boat rental selection online or give them a call to discuss the kind of boat you are looking for and the dates you would like to rent. Choose from pontoons, tritoons and runabout boats, and rest assured that basic safety equipment such as life vests and whistles are provided as part of your rental package. Those who have a particularly great time boating will be interested to hear that any boat they rent will be available for purchase a few months down the line, as the company continually purchases new boats to offer customers for renting.

Boat harbor full of rental boats at lake hartwell, south carolina

Big Water Marina

If you are looking for a half day or a full day rental, try this boat rental company at Lake Hartwell, SC. This family-run marina has been open for over 30 years and offers a wide variety of boats for rent. Choose between an 18-foot Lowe pontoon that seats eight or a 24-foot Bently pontoon that can hold up to 14 guests. For those looking for something a bit different, Big Water Marina also offers ski boats, sailboats, sailing lessons, and even kayak rental.

Tri-County Boat Rental

Wondering where to rent boats at Lake Hartwell for a longer than a week? Tri-County offers long-term rentals as well as shorter ones—choose between a one-day package up to a four-week one. There is a nice variety of boats to choose from as well. 12 different boats range in sizes that allow you to hold from 7 to 16 passengers. A deposit is required with all boats. Due to the popularity of boating on Lake Hartwell, Tri-County Boat Rental highly encourages securing your rental package well in advance.

Older gentleman enjoying a boat rental in Lake Hartwell, South Carolina

Lake Valet

If you are truly looking to relax and take it easy, why not let someone else deal with stocking your cooler and shopping for boat supplies? That’s exactly what Lake Valet offers—boat rentals and a valet service of handling your shopping and supply list. Rather shop for your own supplies? No problem. Lake Valet also offers traditional boat rentals like pontoon boats you can enjoy with your friends and family. Basic safety equipment such as a whistle, fire extinguisher, and life vest are all available free with your rental.

Requirements for Renting a Boat in South Carolina

Before you start reaching out to companies to secure your Lake Hartwell boat rental, make sure you are eligible to operate a boat in the state of South Carolina. While a special license isn’t required for boating, a valid driver’s license is required.

Grandfather and grandson about to go fishing on a boat in Lake Hartwell - here are the best places to rent a boat in Lake Hartwell, SC!

What are the age limits for operating a boat in South Carolina?

Anyone under the age of 16 who wishes to operate a boat must take an approved safety class first and pass an exam. Once they do so, they will receive a boater education card that they must carry at all times while operating the boat. Additionally, those under the age of 16 have limits on the kinds of boats they are able to operate. A youth may operate a personal watercraft with no restrictions as long as the motor is 15 horsepower or less. For those under 16 who want to operate a vessel or personal watercraft with a motor of more than 15 horsepower, they are only able to do so if an adult 18 years old or older who has successfully completed an approved course is on board with them. In addition to state laws, most rental companies have additional requirements. One common one is for a boat company to require that anyone who operates the boat must be at least 25 years old.

Lifejacket Laws at Lake Hartwell, SC

While anyone under the age of 12 must wear a life jacket by law at all times on the waters, the state highly encourages everyone else on board to wear one at all times also for their own safety.

Special care should be taken with infants on boats and don’t forget the sun protection!

Tried one of these boat rentals on Lake Hartwell, SC?

Share your experience in the comments below!

If you get hungry on the water, check out these lakeside restaurants. Once you’ve had your fill of boating, there’s so much more to do off the water. Check out some of the other fun things to do around Lake Hartwell, SC!

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