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What Is Axe Throwing?

One of the newest activities to take hold around Lake Hartwell is axe throwing. Some people instinctively know that throwing axes is fun, but those of us who haven’t previously channeled our inner lumberjack might not know what the axe throwing experience is.

What is Axe Throwing?

I like to think of axe throwing as a cooler version of darts. Essentially, you hurl a big axe at a wooden target and compete with your friends to win points for achieving certain goals.  There are a number of games you can play with your friends at your local axe throwing venue including who can get closest to the bullseye or who can most accurately predict their throw.

When I first heard about axe throwing, I wasn’t really sure I would find it amusing. But being completely honest, it is a lot of fun. There is something so satisfying about landing the sharp end of an axe into a bullseye.

Young Girl throwing an Axe

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

One of my first concerns about the game of axe throwing was the safety – What if an axe bounces and flies back at your head?

While you definitely have to respect the rules of the venue, in general, it is actually very safe to throw axes within the defined areas. There are specific safety precautions like requiring close toe shoes, installed floor to ceiling protection between each private lane, and a safety line that you should not cross when throwing the axe.

After experiencing axe throwing, I feel safe letting my preteen kids throw and attend axe throwing birthday parties. In fact, it’s a great activity for team building, corporate events, and even bachelor or bachelorette parties.

How It Works

Find your nearest axe throwing venue, pay the fee, and sign their waiver. You’ll get an exclusive axe and your own “axe coach” who will show you the ropes. From there you’ll be free to show off your skills.

Many locations offer online reservations and day bookings to claim a guaranteed time slot, but you can also walk in during public hours. Staff members are around to make sure rules and regulations are followed.

Wood Target with Axe in Bullseye

Join An Axe Throwing League

While axe throwing is a fun thing to do with friends and family, it’s also a competitive sport. If you find that you have natural ability or you just like chucking axes, you might want to join a league.

Unlike bowling, you don’t need to form a team to join a league in the sport of axe throwing. You’ll compete on your own against other axe masters for the championship. Be prepared for some fierce throwing competitions, trash talk, and impressive trick shots.

All of the axe throwing locations listed below offer official WATL tournaments. Follow them individually for more information.

Where to go axe throwing around Lake Hartwell

Fortunately, as the popularity of this sport rises, more and more axe throwing locations are popping up. Currently, you can experience the satisfying thud of landing an axe in a bullseye in Hartwell, Ga, Clemson, SC, and Anderson, SC.

interior of Chuckers

Axe throwing lanes at Chuckers in Hartwell

Chuckers Axe Throwing Hartwell, Ga

Located in the charming downtown area of Hartwell, Ga, Chuckers Axe Throwing offers 10 lanes for public axe throwing. You can also entertain yourself with ping pong and a pool table.

Chuckers has a handy reference book full of fun games and whiteboards to keep score. This location is open 5 days per week and welcomes company events, birthday parties, and other private events.

Location: 358 E Howell St. Hartwell, Ga 30643


  1. Wednesday & Thursday 4-10 PM

  2. Friday & Saturday 2 PM – 11 PM

  3. Sunday 1-9 PM

Cost: $25 per person per hour (Ages 10 & up, under 18 requires parental presence) or $16.50 for an half hour.

anderson axe throwing facility

Interior at Anderson Axe Throwing

Anderson Axe Throwing

Located less than 10 minutes from downtown Anderson, Anderson Axe Throwing offers 10 lanes for trying your hand at this intriguing sport. Plan a fun date night at this venue that also offers a full bar and food.

They welcome families, companies, and small groups Friday & Saturday, but parties or special events can be scheduled anytime.

Location: 1520 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621 Hours: Friday – Saturday 5-10 PM, Other days and times by reservation only Cost: $20 per person per hour

stump house axe throwing facility

Interior at Stump House in Clemson

Stump House Axe Throwing

Located right in downtown Clemson, SC, Stump House Axe Throwing brings an ‘outside of the box’ activity to this college town. They serve craft beers and wine as well as some food.

Their private group experience includes a 2-hour timeslot with a dedicated axe throwing coach, training, and end with a group tournament and champion axe thrower crowning.

Location: 105 Sloan St #A Clemson, SC 29631 (above Todaro Pizza) Hours:

  1. Wednesday 4-9 PM

  2. Thursday 12-9 PM

  3. Friday & Saturday 12 PM – 12 AM

  4. Sunday 12-8 PM

Cost: $20 per person per hour

Will you be going axe throwing for any upcoming special occasions?

Let us know in the comments below.

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