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5 Ways to Beat Stress while Planning Your Wedding

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful! And if you just got engaged, chances are you have a job, possibly a kid or two, and have a busy life! But that’s fine, you should be able to handle being an event coordinator, researcher, decorator, budget planner, professional cake tester and all of the above. Right!?

Wrong! You should be able to relish in this engagement bliss, not stress!  It’s also a transformative time where you and your partner are discussing personal finances, merging two families into one, and what the next steps look like: i.e. buying a new home, children, career changes.

So to make sure our inner bridezilla doesn’t come out, here are 5 ways to keep calm and plan on!

Number One: Practice Self-Love

Have you ever heard of the metaphor, “put on your oxygen mask first before helping others”? This may resonate with you if you are someone who puts people’s needs before your own, but for someone who is planning a wedding, it can be easy to follow suit to family and friends needs and what they think is best on how to plan your wedding or to give marriage advice. Try to remain true to what your desires are and don’t get pulled off track on the items mosts important to you.

This is also a time where you are juggling work and personal life with the new responsibilities of planning a wedding! But “self-love can wait”, I need to meet with the florist, pick out a DJ, coordinate a dress fitting, why are there so many linen colors to choose from!?, etc.  Yes, those things are important and they need to get done, but if we can’t go back to why this is supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion in our life, then burnout can occur. So before that happens, here are a few simple tips to give your first-love (you) some love!

  1. Get out in nature whether that is going on a hike, taking your dogs out for a walk, having a picnic by the water.

  2. Spa day – Who doesn’t like to get treated to a mani/pedi, facial, or massage!

  3. What brings you joy? Do you have a hobby/interest you can think here (i.e. baking, pottery, gardening, sewing, painting, etc) if so, pencil some time throughout this week and do that!

  4. Start a morning routine – This is great to center yourself for the day whether that looks like adding five minutes to meditate, journal, or enjoying a cup of coffee with your significant other before work.

  5. Find your tribe – Who are your band of friends that you find yourself in deep connection with? Sometimes the best way to fuel our self-love is being in social interaction with the people we love and cherish the most!

Number Two: Exercise

There is nothing like a release of mood boosting endorphins firing through the body than getting it through a great sweaty gym sesh! And this doesn’t have to mean hitting it hard at the gym. Just having movement of any kind is great like:

  1. Taking a stroll around the park with your dog or friend.

  2. Bachelorette idea: schedule a spa day or a pole dancing class with you and your girlfriends!

  3. Bachelors? How about going golfing or fishing for the day? and have a beer along the Lake Hartwell Ale Trail!

  4. Create a plan of action to do a half marathon or race you have been wanting to compete in.

  5. Get out of your comfort zone and try out a class you have never done before (i.e. barre, pilates, kickboxing, CrossFit, aerial yoga, HIIT, functional bodybuilding, Orange Theory)

  6. Some gyms have wedding wellness packages so check that out for a program if you are just starting out!

BUT… many brides want to lose “x” amount of pounds to fit in their wedding dress or to look good in that tiny honeymoon bikini so please make sure you are being smart about exercising/starting training programs. Exercise in general is a stressor on the body so if it is causing you more stress than what is already on your plate, then listen to your body and find ways to create balance.

Number Three: Meal Plan + Structure

Meal planning and creating a structure go hand in hand. “Meal planning” is essentially scheduling 1-2 hours for one day to prep most of your food for the entire week. Creating this habit births structure in your week – which sets you up for success!  By planning your meals throughout the week, exercise, and self-care to your routine, you will actually have more time and energy to devote to wedding appointments or blocks of time you need to devote to wedding planning.

If you need help with meal planning or not sure where to start, here is a free 1-week meal plan guide to get you started. There’s also a Meal Prep Index at “From the Roots” website with more meal prep focus recipes!

Number Four: Eat Healthy

When we are planning our meals, it’s important to note what types of foods we are incorporating into our diet. When we are stressed, inflammation starts to develop in the body and our immune system starts to decline, so our main focus should be to incorporate whole foods (fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, fermented foods, spices, and herbs) into our diet.

Inflammatory foods are things that are processed, packaged or refined. It can also be from having an excess in alcohol! Here are some of my favorite anti-inflammatory foods I incorporate into meal planning: berries, broccoli, fatty fish like salmon, avocados, turmeric, peppers, and cherries.

Eating well is just one aspect to improving your diet and finding a balance with stress so if you need help in other areas like hydration or ways to improve your sleep, then here is a post that you might find helpful!

Number Five: You Are Not Alone

You may be stressed out because you are planning a major event in the midst of your normal day to day life but guess what? You are not doing this alone! You have a partner now that can help to take the load off! And hey, if planning is in your wheelhouse and you are thriving then maybe include your partner on your new health and wellness plan. Not only are you allowing your partner to be a part of this new journey, but you are both creating a strong foundation of sustainable habits and structure that will permeate into your marriage.

At the end of the day, your wedding is a time of joy and excitement and engagement bliss! Before you know it, the wedding day will be here so enjoy every moment and remember its ok to take care of yourself first!

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