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Lake House Fall Decor – 5 Hot Trends (Updated For 2020)

Use the hottest colors and the most popular fall decor trends as you decorate your house this fall.

Autumn marks the beginning of good times like college football, family gatherings, and end of the year holidays. Without fail, I get the urge to decorate on the very first morning I walk out and feel that tell-tale ‘fall is coming’ chill in the air! 

fall decor ideas for 2020

Photo courtesy of Sanctuary Home Decor

5 Hot Lake House Fall Decor Trends

Us southerners understand how exciting it is when fall approaches, we bask in the cooling off the hot southern sun, and finally, it gets chilly enough for cable-knit sweaters and corn mazes.

This year especially, we’re all craving something friendly and familiar like the glow from a fire on smiling faces and cuddling with your loved one under a warm and cozy flannel blanket.

So this year, home decorating fall trends are all centered around the familiar and homey feeling we’ve all missed out on lately. 

Living room decorated for fall

Photo and decor: Kirkland’s

As you are decorating your home and welcoming autumn’s happy hues, remember this: always decorate from the heart.

The most natural look flows from what speaks to you. There’s no need to follow trends just for the sake of following trends. Your home is a time to let your personality shine. 

So to set you off with some fall decorating inspiration, here are the 5 hottest lake house decorating ideas. Let these trends spark your creativity and look forward to happier times. 

1.) Dark Accent Colors

This fall, home decor stylists are playing with pops of dark fall-inspired colors.

Take a fall foliage driving tour and be awed the by rich burgundy and burnt orange fall leaves. Bring in the deep greens of evergreen foliage and the navy tones of the night sky to set the mood.

collage of fall table decor

For a more masculine look, keep it natural with rich leathery browns and tonal patterns. What I love about this trend is that it’s so easy to transform the look of your room with just a few affordable accessories.

2.) Mixing Plaids

From tossing on some throw pillows to layering pieces on your dining table centerpiece, mixing plaids in bold colors is one of the hottest looks of fall 2020.

Try topping crowd favorites like buffalo check with something more colorful. Bold pops of blue, red, and orange certainly set a festive tone.

images of fall decor with multiple plaids

3.) Vintage Inspired Displays

There’s nothing like a world pandemic to spark nostalgia for the good old days. 2020 is the year to pull out your vintage pieces for use as vases, trays, picture frames.

Sprinkle a few favorite pieces into your pumpkin displays. You might add a vintage flair to your mantle or coffee table.

If you don’t have anything that’s actually vintage, don’t despair. Fortunately, there are plenty of knock offs, and these days, buying a new ‘vintage’ piece can actually be a little cheaper than finding treasures at the antique store.

collage of vintage inspired fall displays

Here are a few new old pieces to consider adding to your fall style. 

This is a time for what is in your heart to shine through. What do you love? Show it off!

Pull out those old photos or put some typography art in vintage frames. There are so many fun ways to pull a vintage look together and you can even change the details for the coming holiday season. 

4.) Creating a cozy outdoor space

I’m not sure there’s ever been a year where people are dying to get out of the house more than in 2020.

This next decor idea for fall is to create a cozy outdoor space with twinkle lights, firepits, and chunky knit blankets. Don’t forget to layer on that plaid flannel and sprinkle around some pumpkins.

Whether it’s on the front porch swing or around the fire-pit in the back yard, this fall is the time to bring the indoors out.

collage of cozy outdoor fall decor

5.) Nature Inspired Accents

This fall, you’re going to see a lot of texture in the form of natural accent pieces. Mix fall foliage and floral displays or decorate your own grapevine wreath for the front door.

Fill bowls with apples, acorns, and pine cones. Simple displays of wheat bundles and corn husks bring in some neutral tones.

And of course, you have to have pumpkins everywhere!

nature inspired fall accents collage

Easy Lake House Decor in the Fall

You should have some fall home decor ideas swirling in your head by now! Keep that dreaming going.

Put your ideas onto a Pinterest board or write them down in an idea journal. 

Allow yourself to make your home an escape away from the gloom and doom we see all over the news. Create a cozy space with these fall-inspired ideas and have some fun, and while you’re at it make sure you take any steps necessary for winterizing your home.

Part of the luxury of coming home is greeting yourself with seasonal decor. So let yourself be free and have a blast bringing in all the best parts of fall.  

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